Beware and Take Precaution to Avoid Online Fraud

Please be aware that Wire Fraud Schemes are rampant this summer as well as email phishing. What can you do? Change your email password to something difficult to replicate (use a combination of letters and numbers). From a recent article in the ALTA (American Land Title Association) newsletter:  Here are five tips to protect against wire [...]

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Melrose Title Team Spotlight – Robin Morgan

How do you set out to create an amazing company?  Much of a company's success comes from assembling a group of like minded individuals who are committed to achieving success, together. Not only is it necessary to have a good team, but it's also crucial to have the right leader in place. Here at Melrose [...]

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Top 10 Things Real Estate Agents Should Know About TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID)

1) A closing statement form called the Closing Disclosure or CD is used for most loan applications. The lender, not the closing agent, may be preparing and delivering the CD. 2) The CD must be delivered to the buyer/consumer at least three business days prior to the scheduled closing date. 3) The closing agent must [...]

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